30 Day Declutter Challenge

Right now, I am in the process of getting ready to move back in with my parents…which means putting most of my stuff in storage.

Now, to be fair, I have had at least 50% of my stuff in storage for the last 7 years, since I have always lived with other people since I got divorced. But, I have been lucky enough to store all of my belongings for free for the last year and a half thanks to storage room where I have been living. Now that I’m going to have to go back to paying for storage, I want to be able to keep it in the smallest, cheapest unit possible.

I am also on a mission to live more minimally, as lots of “stuff” increases my anxiety. And if I haven’t been using a lot of it over the last 7 years…when am I ever going to use it?

Thankfully, I was inspired by Tamelan Smiles 30 Day Declutter Challenge post to do the same as she did: each day for 30 days, get rid of the same number of items as the day of the challenge. For example, on day 1, get rid of 1 item, on day 10, get rid of 10 items. At the end of the challenge, I will hopefully have removed 465 items from my current belongings.

I won’t lie, I secretly wish I would have started this challenge a few weeks ago, as I’ve already been working on going through my belongings and getting rid of things I no longer wanted/needed. (Thank you Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.) If you haven’t read her book, or watched the show, I highly recommend both!

Every 5 days over the next 30 days, I will be posting my picture proof of everything I have removed from my belongings during that time. I’m really excited to get started, and to feel more and more at peace with the things I decide to surround myself with.

Hopefully this challenge will inspire and encourage others to declutter their own things. If you have done/are doing something similar, or want to start now, feel free to share what you are working on in the comments! I love to see how others are moving towards more peaceful, minimal, sustainable lives.

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